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1. How do I purchase your software? What delivery options do I have?

You can use your Credit Card, PayPal, Google CheckOut, wire transfer, Check (for US only). All these options are available when you order a product from our website. All software from our website is downloadable, but you can also order the CD that contains installation files and Documentation, which will be sent to you by regular mail.


2. I'm not a PC professional. Can I get help to install and tune-up the trial?

Yes, you can get free e-mail support in order to install and tune-up the program properly. Please check the Support part of our Online Help.


3. I just purchased the program but still don’t have the Activation Code.

We e-mail Activation Codes within 24 hours after the purchase. But on workdays we usually send Activation Codes within 30 minutes.  Please send us an e-mail or call us if you have not received it within this period.


4. I have purchased additional licenses, but my new activation code activates the wrong number of licenses now. What should I do?

Please send us an e-mail after the purchase, and we will send you a new Activation Code.


5. How do I update from the previous product version to a new one?

You must uninstall the previous version and download and install the new one.


6. Must I have administrator's privileges in my computer's Windows® user account if I want to install the Product?

Yes, you need to have Administrator rights to install the program.


7. Can Attachments2Zip decompress attachments of incoming e-mails? 

Yes, Attachments2Zip allows you to decompress attachments of incoming e-mails, without help of external zip programs.


8. Automatic zipping is enabled, but my attachments are not compressed. What’s wrong?

Check the following Attachments2Zip options:

9. What's the difference between Attachments2Zip and conventional ZIP programs?

Attachment2Zip is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook so you need not leave Outlook to compress files! The conventional methods require that you leave Outlook, find the file you are going to send, compress this file manually, return to Outlook, and attach the compressed file to the e-mail. With Attachments2Zip, you pick the file you want to send, and then click the Send button, without ever leaving Outlook. That's it—all your attached files are automatically zipped and sent out!


10. Does Attachments2Zip work if Microsoft Word is Outlook's default e-mail editor?

With Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007, Attachments2Zip toolbar is fully integrated with the standard Outlook toolbar. Due to limitations in the Outlook 2000/2002 object model, Attachments2Zip toolbar does not appear when Word is the e-mail editor.


11. How can I manage the positioning of the Attachments2Zip toolbar?

If the Attachments2Zip toolbar is not visible, right-click the toolbar of your e-mail and then select Attachments2Zip in the pop-up list of toolbars. Attachments2Zip remembers the last toolbar position so you can position the toolbar in a convenient location. Drag the toolbar to a new location, and Attachments2Zip will remember this position when Outlook starts.


12. My recipient used to open my encrypted attachments without prompt, but now - He cannot. What's wrong?

Possibly you and your recipient have synchronized your default passwords in Attachments2Zip options. This allows opening encrypted attachments by both of you without password prompt. If one or both of you have changed the default password, you will be prompted to enter password each time.


13. How can I make sure before sending that my attachments are zipped?

Before sending an e-mail (clicking the Send button), click the Save button () on the Outlook toolbar. As a result, your attachments will be immediately zipped!



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